A very MERRY CHRISTMAS from Itsy Bitsy Vintage!

As two Xmas Carol's (our Mum's were very seasonal in our choice of names), we're wishing all our clients old and new a fantastic festive season, and joyful times planning your forthcoming celebrations. We look forward to hearing from you and working on your behalf in 2014.
This styled photo shoot on the theme of music and merriment came courtesy of BeanPhoto at Carole's beautiful house. She rather keeps it under wraps but I hope to be showcasing more of her house during the year and her eclectic mix of the old and new including stunning contemporary art, much of it her own work. Here at Itsy Bitsy Vintage our collection is eclectic too, so much more than floral table settings and bunting for a summer afternoon tea party. We have a growing collection of vintage crystal, glasses, silverware, pewterware, candlesticks, and winter inspired china including fine lustreware for hire. These beautiful items decorate any winter wedding mantlepiece, guest, ceremony or top table, adding that essential touch of vintage glamour and Xmas sparkle to your ceremony room. Just add fairy lights and candles!
As those of you will know who follow our facebook page, Carole qualified as a Dr of Philosophy this year, specialising in memory and textiles. She now lectures at UCLAN in cultural history. For myself, I continue to work as a holistic therapist, and bring a more vintage kitsch approach to our styling work for Itsy Bitsy Vintage. Our knowledge and willingness to research, enables us to create heritage looks that compliment the era of your venue or theme for your party. We're always happy to seek out or make items that add to this period feel. We also value the many wonderful buildings we work in and always know when less is more, letting our work compliment the design and architectural features of these beautiful spaces.

Together we combine the antique and the vintage, the academic and the creative, the serious and the whimsical, the professional and the personal to bring a uniquely different approach to our work at Itsy Bitsy Vintage. We bring knowledge, heart and humour to all our styling, ensuring that no two rooms are ever the same. Most importantly we aim to inspire you and to reflect your wishes for professionalism, friendliness and the bespoke.
Please don't forget to follow our work on facebook and twitter, and drop back in here to see our work in progress. Many thanks as always to Beanphoto, who continues to support Itsy Bitsy Vintage with his talent. Cheers Mr. B, I guess that's another extra special Xmas present for you under the tree this year!