About Me

Itsy Bitsy Vintage was established by myself, Carol Bean, and Carole Hunt in 2011 in response to our shared passion for vintage china, textiles, decorative items and all things hand made. Run by myself alone since 2014, and after seven successful years, Itsy Bitsy Vintage closed it's doors in November 2017. I now own a vintage online selling business 'Itsy Bitsy by the Sea' on Etsy and am making upcycled jewellery and creating vintage collages for exhibition and sale. I'm very proud to have offered a bespoke vintage styling and china hire service to many wedding couples and parties since the business began, and in that time to have garnered attention from the local and national wedding press. Much of our success lies in the support of my husband, Jonathan Bean Photography, and I've loved working together on photoshoots and weddings over the years.

I trained in Art and Design, have a background in arts administration, gallery work and the antiquarian trade. I have been a serious collector of all things vintage since my teenage years! I hope to use all my experience to source quality collectable vintage stock for my shop.

In the meantime this blog is a holding site for some of the work I have done over the past seven years and hope it acts as an inspiration for your own weddings and parties.

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More about Itsy Bitsy Vintage...

My love of all things shiny and decorative was born out of my Nanny Lena, her eclectic taste in home wares and her love of dressing up. 

My grandparents travelled across Europe in the 50's in a classic caravan and made many purchases on the continent during their travels. It was these purchases, and the glamorous outfits my Nanny wore, that fascinated me during my childhood. Nanny Lena had an entire chest filled with costume jewellery which she would let myself and my sisters rummage through to our hearts content. 

Her bold 1950's vintage china collections with large roses, gilt work and striking glazes, and her gold hostess trolley filled with fun patterned cocktail glasses and brightly coloured liquors, played centre stage at all family occasions and celebrations.

No surprise that I became a serious collector in my 20's and ran a vintage stall at Camden Market with my sister. Many careers later, a family of my own, the only female in a house of males, I'm drawn back to Vintage like a moth to a flame. My bit of glamour, history, and feminine indulgence in an otherwise busy and noisy house filled with men and camera equipment.

Why choose vintage?

I love the quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and sometimes kitsch nature of vintage design. Items which have been cherished and enjoyed for generations, objects that contain a story. I hope that  I can inspire a fondness for the past and an appreciation for the quality, glamour and fun of bygone times.