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So, you're engaged or thinking of making a civil commitment  but can't quite see how in this financial climate you can afford to get hitched? Vintage weddings are promoted in the mainstream wedding media now in such a way that you feel enthralled by all the details and personal touches, but possibly overwhelmed at the same time by the level of work and the costs involved. This doesn't have to be the case...

I, Carol B (one part of Itsy Bitsy) brought in my wedding almost seven years ago for under £1,600, and my sister married last year for just under £2,000 and we both had wonderful and memorable days.  Our recent and very clever client, Tammy, just last month, brought in her beautiful and stylish wedding on a tight budget proving it can be done.

 All photos courtesy of Beanphoto for Itsy Bitsy Vintage
(read the full article for more photos of Tammy's gorgeous day)

Itsy Bitsy Vintage believe that we can help you achieve your vintage wedding desires, but without the costs and stress. The average UK wedding costs in the region of £21,000 (Observer money supplement 2010).     But stepping outside of the box and thinking back to the simple but delightful weddings our parents and grandparents enjoyed, you can still have a wedding that can be both charming and unique.

There are some very simple rules to planning any vintage inspired wedding or party on a budget, and here are Itsy Bitsy's suggestions for a recession busting budget wedding for under £5,000.
  • Keep it simple. Wedding planning is stressful. Think about celebrating locally, using suppliers, services and venues who are on hand to meet with you before the big day. Use word of mouth recommendations and build a relationship with those you choose to employ. In this way you can also be green and support your local economy. Small local wedding businesses will also be more inclined to meet your requests if you'd like to get something a little more bespoke or tailored. 
  • Be imaginative when it comes to choosing your wedding venue. Village halls and camping barns with fields are a great alternative to hotels and may cost as little as £200 for the entire day and evening. They usually will give you access the day before to come in and decorate too. Itsy Bitsy Vintage have china, bunting and props which can be hired across several days at very reasonable rates to transform public spaces from a simple box room to something extra special.
  • Consider choosing an out of season and mid week wedding. Summer months are no longer a guarantee of a sunny day. Many venues, photographers and small wedding businesses will provide offers for off peak bookings and you'll have a better chance of booking your preferred supplier, who may otherwise be fully booked every Saturday during peak summer months. 
  • Reduce your numbers. Personally I don't see the appeal of large weddings unless someone else is footing the bill and you're happy to compromise to that person's purse strings and wishes. These days many couples have children, so think less about feeding 200 guests for one day and more about feeding yourselves in the longer term!  Remember too that it also costs a great deal to be a wedding guest, so why not keep your  invites to your very nearest and dearest?
  • Think DIY. I know this idea might strike fear into those of  you who don't have an innate ability with a glue gun and sewing machine, or even the time to think about making your own invitations.  But play to your strengths and interests or ask your talented friends and family to donate their skills. They'll be delighted to be asked and can offer their services as a  heartfelt and personal wedding gift. Hire your centrepieces, table settings, bunting, cake stands and teapots from Itsy Bitsy Vintage and save £150 at least on styling fees by setting up your tent, marquee, room or barn yourself with the help of your friends the day before.
  • Instead of a wedding gift, ask your guests to bring a bottle. Order a few boxes of good quality wine from a local wine retailer and they'll generally provide the glasses for free.
  • Be a savvy shopper. Buy second hand, buy in season, hire wherever possible, search for finishing touches on eBay, Folksy or Etsy for unique handcrafted accessories and decor.  
  • Don't compromise on quality, buy less and be wise where you spend your money. Invest in good quality flowers from a recommended florist, but add some from your own gardens. Select a professional photographer, quality professional photographs will give lasting and better memories of your day in the long term but ask them to be there for a shorter period.
  • Have fun! Ask your friends to provide entertainment. With a stage in most village halls, or even one created with just a couple of hay bails, invite your musical friends to bring their instruments and have an impromptu ceilidh. Be as creative as you like, as long as people are willing and you trust those you ask!
Following the above suggestions will ensure that you have a memorable celebration that is personal, unique and full of your own character. Send us your suggestions for wedding planning on a budget and images of your own DIY wedding creations, we'll feature the best on our blog! E-mail
We hope you enjoy the following images of Tammy and George's wedding at the Trimpell Club in Morecambe. This simple but very large local community venue was transformed with careful styling of our accessories and table settings. The guests were wowed and Tammy and George were both delighted as the following testimonial will show ...

" Thank you so much for all you've done, you made our day so special, everyone was amazed and stunned at how beautiful the room looked. It was perfect.."

DIY credits;
All heart favours, place tags, table plan and wishing tree created by the bride. 
Paper collage, sweet table and decorated cake pops made by Alison, friend of the bride.
High tea including all cakes and pastries made by Chantelle, brides' sister.
Help with hanging the bunting and laying out the tables - friends and family.

Local company credits;
The Vintage Boudoir for the hire of the brides' costume jewellery
The Vintage Boudoir for the hire of guest outfits
The Vintage Boudoir for the purchase of the brides' gloves

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