An Itsy Bitsy Vintage Christmas! Vintage baubles and reindeer!

Vintage baubles and decorations bring back such a huge sense of nostalgia for our Christmas's past, we can almost transport ourselves right back to the excitement and wonderment of our childhood. As children of the 1960's, and both born in December, two little Xmas Carols', we're now astonished how scary some of these decorations were. Before the days of health and safety gone mad and lead free paint, we were surrounded by hand painted glass baubles, over heated dickensian lantern Xmas tree lights, and tiny Xmas trees spotted with fake snow. It's so lovely to see that some of the less scary decorations remain and are indeed being treasured again. Although often smaller in scale than our modern day decorations, they bring a wonderful touch of glamour, nostalgia and whimsy to our 21st century Xmas. Pile together collections of hand painted baubles on a mantlepiece or in vintage glass bowls. Tie them to ribbons with a label for tablesetting place names. Hang them from coloured ribbons from the bottom of mantlepieces and shelves, or from a chandelier for an amazing impact.

Chandelier free, I shall be decorating my Itsy Bitsy tabletop Xmas tree with lots of lovely vintage baubles, as my mother did when we were growing up and as her grandmother did. It's my little bit of Xmas family history re-enacted and connects me with generations past. Treasure your collections too.

(Photos by Carol Bean)

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